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cm inch

inch cm

Material: Polyester 


110cm: Reference height 39.37 inch  to 43.3 inch (100-110cm in height for slim kids)

120cm: Reference height 43.3 inch  to 47.24 inch (110-120cm in height for slim kid)

130cm: Reference height 47.24inch  to 51.18 inch (120-130cm in height for slim kid)

140cm: Reference height 51.18 inch  to 55.11 inch (130-140cm in height for slim kid)

150cm: Reference height 55.11 inch  to 59.05 inch (140-150cm in height for slim kid)

160cm: Reference height 59.05 inch  to 62.99 inch (150-160cm in height for slim kid)

Tips : 

  1. If girl is not slim body , please choose a little larger size than usual 
  2. Please let us know your girl's height and weight when you place the order.
  3. Please note: 1cm=0.39inch
color classification
gold velvet men&apos
Mainland China
reference height Cm 110 cm 120 cm 130cm 140 cm 150 cm 160cm 170cm 180 cm
Season of Market Autumn of 2019
style Institute of origin
suitable for other types of dance
s dresses, men&apos
s long sleeved dress, men&apos
s long sleeved suits, cargo numbers 0098
s long sleeved velvet blue women&apos
s long sleeved women&apos
s short sleeved Blue Women&apos
s short sleeved velvet velvet men&apos
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