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Applicable Object Female
color classification Gray, black, green, camel, dark red spring and summer thin material, black autumn and winter thick material, green autumn and winter material, dark red jujube red. Colorful autumn and winter thick material
Dance Classification Rumba, Chacha, Samba, Jeans, Bullfighting
Dress style
fabric Others
No. 823
Size M (2 feet waist), L (2 feet 1 waist), XL (2 feet 2 waist circumference), 2XL (2 feet 3 waist circumference), 3XL (2 feet 4 waist circumference), 4XL (2 feet 5 waist circumference), 5XL (2 feet 6 waist circumference), 6XL (2 feet 7 waist circumference)
Brand Saint Ermei
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